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To be successful at Facebook, you need to understand what they want and why they exist.

Facebook was created as a social media platform – social being the key word. A way for people to connect and talk and socialize online. It was not created to help businesses grow or to sell product.

This is why your business page needs to embrace that concept and you need to resist the urge to use it as a selling platform.Instead, use it as a way to allowyour followers to get to know, like, and trust you. Selling will happen as a result of that trust, and you will see success with consistent, non-promotional posting.

The goal is to engage them with information, education, personalized stories, and general non-pushy posts.

Once they engage with your posts, Facebook will show them MORE of your posts and they will begin to see more and more of you in their feed.

When you DO post a sales post or promotional item, they will see your post because they have been engaged with you on previous posts.

You start to become their go-to person, their trusted expert, so when you have something for sale, they will be more inclined to buy.

Below are some ideas for posting daily on Facebook to get your creativity jump-started. Some of these may be great for you to use or to suggest to your mall owners.

Staged Smalls: Before you take your latest batch of items to your booth, stage them at home. If you have a rusty wagon, fill it with plants in the yard and takea stunning photo. If you have a collection of rolling pins, stack them or place them in a crock and take a photo. Ifyou have a cool tin feed bucket, fill it with grasses or stems. Use these as sneak preview albums to entice your followers to shop at your booth. “I’m heading to my booth now at xyz with this load of freshly picked and prepped items. You can buy them there later today!” Then upload them all into an album with a date on it. This will not only encourage followers to engage and ask how much or where, but also creates amazing eye-candy for your photo album. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Use your front porch, kitchen island, or garden to take some great photos of new arrivals before they get placed into vignettes and are hard to photograph. It takes forethought and planning but the payoff will be huge.

Live Booth Tour: Get your phone out and do a live booth tour after you get it reset.Highlight new items and fresh picks. LIVE gets the best engagement so go LIVE often.

Vendor Features: It doesn’t have to be all about you. If the goal is to get more traffic to your booth location, then it would serve you well to feature your fellow vendors and their booths and their new arrivals. Not only will you make them feel good about what they are doing, you will highlight your location and get your followers interested in shopping there. Grab your camera and snap some pics of them working and rearranging. Link to the biz page and give them some props.

Single product features: Choose on item in your booth and grab some Pinterest photos showing interesting ways to use it. For example, you’ve snagged some amazing large tobacco baskets. You’ve got them in your booth now so take a picture of it and post it on Facebook along with 3-4 additional inspiration photos for its use. Show them how to use it, and they will be more inclined to buy it.

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Anchor piece features: Our anchor pieces often get lost in the mix, but they can easily pay the rest with one sale. Before you load that piece into your booth, stage it and post it stand-alone on your biz page. Once you get it placed in your booth, you can then take additional pics of it with merchandise on it.

Vignette Photos: Once you complete that stunning style/color story vignette,take a good well-lit level photo of it and post it on your page.Identify key items in your post and let them know what they are and how much they are. It’s almost like creating a shoppable post.You could even number some of the items and create a price list based on those numbers.

Events: Post about upcoming events and build a buzz. Add them to your events calendar and be sure to post about it regularly. Go live at the event.

Behind-The-Scenes: Show the messy. People like to see inside. What does your booth look like all torn apart? How full is your SUV? What did you pick at the latest flea market? What went wrong? Get real, get messy, and show them how hard you work. They will love it!

❑ Set up your Facebook Shop: Add your new items into your shop so if people see something they want in your feature posts, they can easily buy it online!

If you’re searching for social media ideas, you might be experiencing a few different problems:

  • Lack of creative inspiration. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like you have anything kicking around in your head.
  • Constant fire drills to find content to share. You might also be scrambling day-to-day to find enough content to share.
  • Content that isn’t getting results. In this case, it might be time to try something you haven’t thought of before.
  • No idea how to create quality graphics or produce quality videos. With so many free apps out there, it’s easier than ever to make it happen if you just had some help.
  • Platform updates and changes make your head spin. The problem is, some of these are vital to our continued success.