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Each year brings new changes and new buzzwords to all of the social media platforms we use to engage with our followers and grow our businesses. As a small business owner, it is VERY important to understand the trends and come up with creative ways to make them work for your business.

As we cover the top social media trends for 2019, write down some of your initial thoughts about how these changes/updates/trends could be incorporated into your social media strategy and used to increases engagement and add value to your customer base.

Up next, big news for any of you who WANT to be influencers but didn’t think you were ENOUGH!

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This terms refers to the use of everyday or “average” people to market products vs. the traditional celebrity or those with large audiences. In the past, products and brands have sought highly-visual online personalities to endorse their products and reach millions of followers.

However, the majority of social media users now state they are more likely to purchase something when it is recommended by someone they know or trust. Insert micro-influencers here…

As audience count matters less and engagement matters most, we’re going back to that quality vs. quantity mantra again. I’ll say it over and over until we all get over the vanity numbers and start working hard to provide value to the people we already have.

The regular customer wants to hear from the regular business owner whom they have gotten to know/like/trust via social media and in-person over the last few months or years. They want an endorsement from someone that they can relate to and who reaches them where they are.

How does this affect you?

-If you have a product that you are trying to sell, look for micro-influencers in your industry – people with a high level of engagement on their posts and videos. Approach them about representing your product.

-If you would consider yourself a potential micro-influencer, approach the company and let them know that you would love to rep their product. Be prepared to show your numbers and your engagement!

How do you become a micro-influencer?

  • Polish up those posts. Make sure they are professional and represent your brand as well as possible.
  • Brand imaging should be consistent and clear.
  • Understand the latest algorithms and posting preferences for ALL of the platforms and deliver what they are asking for.
  • Craft a professional email introducing yourself and your product or your services. Have a friend read it to make sure it is typo-free and your grammar is correct!
  • Take amaze-balls photos of EVERYTHING you do and always put your best foot forward.
  • Review all potential offers and only take those that are the best fit for your audience so you can deliver results for the long-term.

The trend of the micro-influencer is perfect for the small, creative business owner and can lead to many lucrative revenue streams.

The struggle is real, but Social Media Boot Camp can help!!

Coming up with great ideas and knowing exactly what to post — not easy.In fact, it’s such a struggle for some businesses that they give up trying.

If you’re searching for social media ideas, you might be experiencing a few different problems:

  • Lack of creative inspiration. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like you have anything kicking around in your head.
  • Constant fire drills to find content to share. You might also be scrambling day-to-day to find enough content to share.
  • Content that isn’t getting results. In this case, it might be time to try something you haven’t thought of before.
  • No idea how to create quality graphics or produce quality videos. With so many free apps out there, it’s easier than ever to make it happen if you just had some help.
  • Platform updates and changes make your head spin. The problem is, some of these are vital to our continued success.