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Each year brings new changes and new buzzwords to all of the social media platforms we use to engage with our followers and grow our businesses. As a small business owner, it is VERY important to understand the trends and come up with creative ways to make them work for your business.

As we cover the top social media trends for 2019, write down some of your initial thoughts about how these changes/updates/trends could be incorporated into your social media strategy and used to increases engagement and add value to your customer base.

Up first, a HUGE trend for 2019 and a GREAT way to brainstorm new ideas and income avenues with a simple concept called Social Listening!

What is Social Listening?

Any successful social media strategy means focusing on quality over quantity. This means reaching the right people at the right time with the right product. Instead of continuing to push out posts that offer no value or don’t appeal to your audience, LISTEN to what they are asking for by monitoring your page, other pages and groups.

TUNE IN to what your potential customers are saying: frustrations, complaints, ideas, and recommendations.

It’s not always fun to hear the negative stuff, but it can lead you to creating insightful posts and videos that solve those problems and deliver what your audience is asking for.

When you do that,  you will see HUGE success with your social media platforms.

LISTEN more than you SPEAK and give them what they want right now!


  • Join quality Facebook Groups that fit your demographic and contain your ideal customer. Listen to their challenges, frustrations and needs. Craft your posts and products to meet those needs or to solve their problems. If you are in the right place and listening to the right people, they will clearly let you know what they need.
  • Ask questions on your own social media platforms and listen to comments and feedback. Take constructive criticism and use it to make your products and services better. Pay attention to who is commenting and engaging and make sure your posts appeal to them.
  • Pay attention to people who talk about your brand or are loyal to your product. Consider them as micro-influencers and be sure to recognize them for their loyalty.
  • Answer questions and comments as they come in so your followers know you are there and that you are listening.
  • Stop and listen before you act. Remove emotion and really dig into what they are saying. Use the feedback to improve processes and products and craft posts that will appeal to your audience.

Social media is continuously changing affecting many aspects of people’s lives. The users of all of these social platforms are your potential customer and they can eventually be converted into paid customers IF you are listening and providing what they are asking for.  that can eventually convert into paid customers after considerable engagements and interactions that you can perform through social Social Listening provides the tools that you can help you get a better insight of what targeted audiences are thinking – so you can be in a better position to deliver what they need, when they need it.

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