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Many of you have collections of wall art, signs, emblems, metal items, frames, chalkboards etc that you sell in your booths.

While these are definitely the smalls you should have on hand, there needs to be some thought and care to creating a display of cohesive items that causes the buyer to stop and say WOW!!!

Wall galleries can create multiple product sales. When positioned correctly, you can create an emotional response in a buyer that makes them want to buy the whole setup just as it is. I’ve seen many times where booth walls are stripped clean by ONE buyer due to a stunning visual display.

Stop haphazardly hanging random items across a long wall leaving gobs of empty space in between. Create cohesive groupings that are close to each other and tell a story and RELATE to the items in and around the entire vignette.

Our goal is to grab the attention of the customer in 2 seconds as they stroll by, and then encourage them to buy multiple units by showing them how it all works together. That is what we need to do as shop owners to increase our sales and stand out from the crowd.

Let’s look at some examples of stunning gallery walls that incorporate a multitude of items, including:

  • framed art
  • mirrors
  • found objects
  • animal heads
  • clocks
  • picture frames (always place stock photos in the frames instead of blank spots)
  • old keys
  • coat hooks/shelves with hooks
  • Picture ledges for leaning items
  • Florals
  • and more…


PRO TIP: Before you jump in and start randomly hanging items on the wall, lay all of the pieces out on the floor in front of the wall and create a template. Move things around until it feels cohesive. Once you have it looking good on the floor, transfer the items to the wall from the center moving outward to the top, bottom, left and right creating your completed gallery wall.


Are you thinking about investing a booth space or vintage market space? Are you already set up and wondering how to monetize and market your existing space?

This boot camp was created to help you select, curate and market profitable booths that appeal to today’s customer and create an additional source of income for your creative business.

This step-by-step process will show you everything you need to know to choose a top-notch location, setup and source the right merchandise for your demographic, create stunning styled vignettes that encourage emotional buying, and market your space on social media the RIGHT way!