Are you excited about hosting painting and project workshops but don’t know where to host them? Do you feel like you can’t grab that income potential because you don’t have a store or workspace?

GOOD NEWS!! There are tons of options out there that will allow you to expand your product offerings to more than just the product you sell. You just need to think outside-of-the-box, explore your local options, and have a checklist of needs ready so you can insure that the space will fit your needs.

In this article, we’ll explore some potential venues, how to determine the space capacity, and other necessities to consider when scouting out a location or setting up your in-store workshop.

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If you do not have a store or workshop available to you on a regular basis, that’s no reason to give up the goal of teaching and building business relationships. There are many other potential venues that could work if you do a little digging around town. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Partner with a local store owner or ask about renting some space at their location. They may be willing to partner up on marketing and help you fill those seats if it means potential new customers coming through their retail location.
  • If you have a booth in a local vendor mall, talk to the owner about creating a workshop space where you could host a regular event. Perhaps they have a backroom or some empty booths that could be converted for your workshop. Offer to kickback some revenue from the registrations as part of your regular commission setup and note that you will be bringing in new customers for the mall.
  • Consignment or Thrift Store: Visit your local thrift stores and ask about painting workshops within their space. It could be a great way to encourage more furniture purchases or re-purposing items by inspiring their customers to do their own projects.
  • Church/School/Library/Community Center: All of these venues have great meeting space and are usually willing to rent it out for special events or classes.
  • In-Home Parties: Take it on the road by offering in-home parties! You can create unique DIY workshops that center around special events like birthdays, weddings or holidays. Offer the hostess a free workshop and let her do the marketing for you!


  • Do not crowd the space. Leave room to work.
  • Each attendee needs at least 30” to 36” of work space.
  • Lay out your supplies and note the space needed for comfortable project completion.
  • Leave room for instructors to walk around easily.
  • Note space available for project drying and supplies.
  • Crowded customers = unhappy customers.


  • Note areas to protect from damage such as tables, chairs and floors and be prepared to cover them.
  • Insure access to bathroom facilities.
  • Note lighting issues or needs. You’ll need solid overhead lighting or natural lighting so everyone can see their projects.
  • Proper ventilation is necessary for products with any kind of odor.
  • Adequate parking and store/studio access.
  • Free of trip hazards.
  • Sturdy and comfortable seating.
  • Sink/Clean-up area.

This step-by-step process will show you everything you need to know to schedule and promote workshops with confidence, charge the proper price so you MAKE MONEY on your product and time, and create raving customers that will be back for more.