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Welcome to Get the Look – a series dedicated to helping you achieve new and trending looks that your customers will stand in line for.

Today, we are creating a textured metallic finish using just a few great products.

When I purchased this table, the top had a leather insert that was heavily damaged. Rather than try to repair or replace it, I used paint to add a thick layer of texture to the top, creating a beautiful visual while covering up the unsightly knicks and tears.

Click here to download the supply list and let’s get started! 

Step 1: Prep the piece by cleaning well and sanding if needed. I did not sand but did wash it well and allowed it to dry before starting.

Step 2: Apply one coat of Liberty Blue by Fusion Mineral Paint to the entire piece.

Step 3: Allow to dry fully, then apply a thick layer of paint to the top using a stippling motion (up and down tapping with the brush). You can apply the paint twice as thick as usual, and then come back over it with a tap-tap-tap motion with the face of the brush, creating a texture that will cover any defects. Work in small areas, and as you finish an area, use a hairdryer to “set” the texture in place. Continue until the whole top surface is texturized.

Step 4: Apply a second coat of paint to any areas that need more coverage.

Step 5: Mix one teaspoon of gold gilding wax with 1/4 cup of clear wax. Mix well until the waxes are completely blended without streaks showing.

Step 6: Apply the wax with a wax brush or cloth to all areas heavily. Make sure you work it into the textured areas and any cracks/crevices for a more metallic effect. Use a blue shop towel or other lint free rag to wipe off the excess wax leaving a gold metallic shimmer behind.

Step 7: Use your finger to add gilding wax to the raised details and hardware for subtle highlights as needed.

Step 8: Take a stunning finished photo and post it everywhere!

To see the full-length video tutorial, visit Furniture Painting University and sign up today!