Vintage Market Tips & Tricks

Vintage Market Tips and Tricks (VMTT) is a business group created for potential or current vintage market producers, antique mall owners, brick and mortar store owners and vintage market and antique mall vendors. We will help you reinvent your vintage market, antique mall, store or booth. We encourage you to take our ideas, adapt them to your style and community and grow your business.

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting Experts

A group dedicated to providing professional instruction geared towards the creation of solid and professional cabinet painting techniques for homeowners and businesses, as well as training to help business owners create a sustainable income providing kitchen cabinet painting services in your area.

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The CreativIQ groups are safe and positive places to post your successes and your failures. Our admins are on hand to offer sound advice based on years of professional experience, and our groups are closely monitored and free of drama and bullying. We offer LIVE events and targeted training in all of our groups. We hope to see you inside!

SUCCESS STORY!! So I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I got sick 2.5 years ago and have a permanent Spinal Chord injury. Everyone has been incredibly loving and supportive and his success story has had a huge impact in my life.
I painted my very first piece for sale and thanks to everything I’ve learned in this group it sold in 2 hours for full price! Now that made me jump and down for joy. I delivered it tonight to a lovely lady and I felt that was all amazing!
I come home to discover that 2 more people want to buy the table. So, again thanks to this group, I reply that that particular table is gone but I would be happy to recreate the finish on another similar table I have in stock and would they like to order that? I explain that I’d need 50% down before I got started along with other details and they say YES!
So not only did I sell my first ever done-for-sale piece, but I sold a second one in the same evening that’s not even painted yet! I would never have even thought to offer to do another piece were in not for this course. A HUGE Thank you to¬†Rebecca and everyone in this group.¬†You have no idea the impact this has made in my life!
– Michelle, Beach Bling By Design