Have you heard all of the horror stories of unhappy clients and custom projects gone wrong? 

This boot camp was created to help you create and manage a successful process for finding, selling and satisfying the pickiest of custom furniture clients.

This step-by-step process is proven to create a smooth transaction before, during and after the sale, garner higher prices for your work, and creates satisfied and raving customers. You’ll also find that there is virtually no stress involved when you use the tips, tricks and tools provided for you in this all-inclusive 30-day training!


FACT: Taking on custom work is the stepping stone in your business that will allow you to build a solid profitable income on your schedule. 

This easy-to-follow 30-day plan includes step-by-step tutorials via video and written tutorials, and will get you started on a successful, profitable, stress-free  (AND jam-packed) custom work calendar.

Quick Boot Camp Overview

  • Week 1: Mindset & Preparation for Confidence in Consultations
  • Week 2: Working with Customers Before the Sale: Appointments, Quotes and Follow-up
  • Week 3: Profitable Pricing Strategies: includes contracts and worksheets
  • Week 4: After the Sale: Creating Happy, Repeat Customers

What You Can Expect: 

  • 30 days of focused training and tutorials delivered via live video, downloads and online course materials
  • Access to your password-protected online course area for the duration of your paid membership
  • The confidence and tools needed to prepare, present and close custom furniture requests while avoiding issues.

Mindset & Motivation

Confidence is the key to any successful business, and with the tools and training you’ll get from this 30-day focus group, you’ll feel empowered to do the work and do it with confidence.

Upon completion of the Custom Furniture Painting Boot Camp, you will feel confident in your ability to find new customers, meet with them, provide professional quotes/contracts, and have the tools you need to handle all customer interactions professionally.

Week 1: Preparation and Mindset: The Tools for Success

  •  Plan, Prepare, Perform: Managing Mindset and Process
  •  Prep Step 1: Choosing Your Paint Line & Finish
    • FREE DOWNLOAD: Product Outline Example and create your own!
  •  Creating Samples That Sell!
  •  Creating Branding Materials That Do the Work For You!
  • Creating a Portfolio

Week 2: Pricing, Quotes and Contracts

  • Setting Your Mindset to Price for Profit!
  • Baseline Pricing Chart and How to Use it
  • Upgrade Pricing Chart and How To Use It
  • Price Quote Worksheet
  • Custom Sales Contract
  • Other Considerations

Week 3: The Customer Experience – Achieve Great Sales with Professional Consultations

  • Before the Consultation: Responding to Inquiries and Best Practices
  • During the Consultation: What To Ask and What To Watch For
  • Closing the Sale: Creating Urgency & Scarcity
  • Canned Responses and Scheduling
  • Final thoughts: Following Up on Quotes, Communication During the Project, and Scheduling

Week 4: After the Sale: Creating Customers for Life

  • Pickup/Delivery of Finished Projects
    • Best Practices
    • Care Tag – Powerpoint for Customization
    • Gift w/ Purchase Ideas
  • Gathering Information and Creating an Email Marketing Plan
  • Customer Feedback: How To Get it and How To Use It
  • Marketing Challenge: Ask for the Sale!


I live outside of the United States. Will this boot camp still work for me?

  • Yes! We have many members from all over the world. All of the business and marketing concepts will work for you no matter where you live!

What is the format of the boot camp?

  • The boot camp consists of about live and recorded video content as well as written tutorials and 75% available via the  password-protected boot camp area.  It is accessible on any device 24/7. 

Can I access the information on my iPad or phone?

  • Yes, the boot camp is fully accessible on all devices.

How long does the boot camp last?

  • You will have lifetime access to the information and you can go at your own pace. 

How long do I have access to the information in the boot camp?

  • Your one-time registration fee grants you lifetime access to the training via the password-protected membership area. 

How does payment work? 

  • At time of registration, you will be charged $29 for the boot camp you selected. If you purchase additional training, it will be added to your members area and you can access all training with one login.