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So… you’re ready to start your Pinterest for Business account and utilize this powerful marketing tool for your business.

You’ve got your account set up and all of the information filled in. It’s time to make some boards, but you’re stuck!

In this handy-dandy guide to creating Pinterest boards for business accounts, I’ve listed some of the basic boards you can start with as well as tons of other ideas for boards to add to your account to keep people interested and coming back for more.

Let’s get started!

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Now it’s time to set up your initial Pinterest Boards. I suggest you begin with 10 boards. Naming your boards will be based on your keywords, terms or phrases.

Pinterest offers this advice about naming your boards: “To surface your boards on Pinterest’s board search, use meaningful names that Pinners are likely to search for. Have a mix of both boards with specific names (e.g. “Salvador Dali Prints”) and more broad ones (e.g. “Fine Art Prints”). Don’t forget to write compelling and targeted descriptions of your boards, too, and add to them frequently to keep your followers engaged and to make your boards easier to discover.”

Quick Tips for Optimized Board Names
❑ Be descriptive: Be glaringly obvious about what kind of content your board contains.
❑ Be direct: Don’t beat around the bush. Put a little fun, sass and spice into your board names — but also get to the point!
❑ Keyword rich: Make sure they are industry specific and that the titles reflect that.
❑ Add personality: Are you funny, witty or a super smarty? Take those qualities and use them to connect people with your business or brand.
❑ Don’t spam: Don’t litter your titles or descriptions with too many keywords. Write them in a way that’s appealing and attractive to both people and search engines.

Remember that boards need to not only be filled with stunning content and images, they need to have a good representation of FRESH CONTENT from you – your goal is to grow YOUR business, so make sure those boards aren’t just full of OPC – other people’s content.


Since the goal is to market our businesses, it is important to reserve a few boards that really speak to what you do and who you are. We will also want to use one of these to create our cover banner so it is important to use our own content for those boards.

Some ideas that we recommend for creating these boards are:
Brand Board/About: one board dedicated to you, your brand, and your products – link to shop or listing.
Products Board: one board dedicated to products you like to use and inspiration photos that fit those. Break into sections based on color or style within that board. Great spot for you to highlight any products that you retail and link to your shop.
Tutorials: feature some of your own tutorials and then fill it up with others that you like. Break into sections by type of tutorial such as furniture or craft items.
Testimonials/Reviews: if you have enough to make a good board, then this is a great idea. Create images that capture one sentence of the review and then post the entire review in the description.



Choose 5-10 additional topics to complete your initial board setup and create a robust business account from the start. You can always add more as topics come up, but this will get you going!

  • Trends
  • Before & After Quotes (pin and repin quotes related to your industry)
  • Style boards (farmhouse, mcm, etc.)
  • Seasonal Boards Merchandising/Vignette Boards
  • Artists You Love
  • Wishlist – Things You’d love to have or create
  • Inspiring DIY
  • Inspiring Living Spaces
  • Painted Furniture Board –section by color Store/Booth Board (if you own/rent one)
  • Events (highlight events you have attended with your own pins as well as other attendee pins. Highlight upcoming events in your area.
  • Shop Local (if you are a local business, highlight other local businesses in your area)

Proper board setup from day one will allow you to create cohesive and keyword-rich board titles and descriptions that will get you found in Pinterest search. Make sure your board covers are stunning and match your brand and that your descriptions and categories clearly reflect your purpose.

View your boards as the Pinterest user and adjust anything that feels less than professional. Be sure to fill your boards so that your account is sticky and keeps followers around longer!

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