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It can seem overwhelming to have to create multiple titles and tag options for each listing. We suggest doing this exercise outside of the Etsy listing portal in a word doc or excel spreadsheet. You can also use a notebook. Either way, you want to create a spot that includes all keywords you can think of  – a keyword resource library – so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel everytime.

By taking a few hours to brainstorm every keyword you can think of and research options, you will then have a go-to resource for future listings.

So, let’s open those spreadsheets or notebooks, and get to work on a robust keyword library that you can use over and over again!

A method to utilize to find some great starting tags for your listing is to complete a search on the Etsy Search bar.

To do this, type up the keywords for what you are selling on the Etsy search bar. A drop down will appear with all of the most RECENT searched for terms relating to that keyword. Review all these keywords and use all of the ones that apply to your item as a Tag.

Only 10 suggestions are shown at a time, so keep typing in slightly different search terms to get other suggestions from Etsy.

We can get a pretty good list of keywords going just by using the answers to the questions below for each specific piece. Once you’ve got the answers, use google to find synonyms for each of those words and increase your keyword database!

Ask yourself:

1)What is it? jewelry
2)What is it specifically? What type? Hoop earrings
3)Who’s it for? Women, men, etc.
4)What is the main material? Leather
6)Method or technique used?
7)Where will this item be used? Kitchen
8)Size (depending upon category)?
9)Style? Farmhouse, Industrial, etc.
10)Is there anything additional about the listing that pops? Decoupaged, geometric, floral, etc.
11)What era? Victorian

Research your tags by comparing your results to what other sellers in your niche are using. If your search for painted coffee table brings you back 20 results, take a look at the keywords those sellers are using in their titles and tags and add them to your library of keywords.

You can do this manually using Etsy search, or you can use a third party tool called Marmalead. Using a KEYWORD tool like Marmalead will help you stop wondering what words you should choose…in fact, tools like Marmalead can help you come up with tags that are PROVEN to sell.

EtsyRank is a free tool from Etsy that helps you man

Free tools include:

  • Keyword Tool
  • Listing Audit
  • Spell Checker

The PRO Membership ($9.99/month) has added features like:

  • Bulk Keyword Tool
  • Best Sellers
  • Rank Checker
  • Social Report
  • And many more…

You can generate lots of keyword ideas with their free keyword tool once you sign up. It’s a very powerful tool in many ways and can help you optimize your listings whether you choose the free or paid option. You can find out more at

The Spacefem Etsy Tag Analyzer is a great tool for you to use to monitor your own tags. You want to use different tags for listings reaching different categories of interest. This site will allow you to enter your store name and search how many times your tags are being repeated as well as other stats. This site would even be helpful to research your competition for different tags to use and/or what tags are working for the competition. Remember, its all about research!

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