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It’s time for a top 5 list, and today, it’s all about Facebook.

There are so many new features being introduced for business pages this year, and today – I am highlighting my top 5 features that are easy to implement and that YOU should be using RIGHT NOW!

Many of these are super easy to use and I’ll be adding tutorials on how to use them in the coming days. In the meantime, get to know them and think of ways to incorporate them into your social media strategy.

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Located right in the post options menu, this handy option places a “send message” call-to-action button right in your post. It’s the easiest way to send a clear message about what you want your followers to do. Use it to offer a free download, get more info about your services, or promote your digital offer.


Predicted to surpass views in the feed in 2019, stories are a GREAT way to build relationships with your followers. Use them to highlight products/services, create a quick and easy tutorial, or highlight your top 5 list . Use great apps like Unfold or Canva to create stunning story graphics.


You can add customized tabs to your biz page without being a computer wiz. Using third party apps like Woobox, you can now add custom tabs that pull in your Pinterest and Instagram feeds right to your page. Do it!!


You can now join your favorite groups as your page (if they allow it). This enables cool features like inviting people to like your page when they like your group post and creating brand awareness by posting or commenting with valuable tips. Watch yourself tho – you are representing your business at all times, so avoid drama or asshat comments.


Another option places right in your post options menu, watch parties allow you to schedule video events using pre-recorded video that is on Facebook. You can create an event and host the watch party right on your biz page. As the host, you can chat, monitor comments and answer questions while the video is playing. It’s great for pre-recorded tutorials, product releases and more!!

These are just a few of the great new features available to business pages in 2019. Check them out, google the feature for tips on how to use them and ideas on ways to incorporate them!

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