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As store owners, we used to get the frequent question “Where do you get your great packaging?”. As mentors to booth owners and retail store owners, we get the same questions.

This post will highlight our top 5 resources for unique packaging that will set your store/booth apart from the others.

With seasonal/theme choices, you can mix it up throughout the year. You’ll find great choices for jewelry and clothing packaging as well.

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Be sure to always check prices and quantities carefully and be sure to take into account the cost of packaging when pricing your products. If it is going to cost you $.20 to give them a bag and some tissue, add that cost into your price to cover it.


Nashville Wraps

Great prices and amazing seasonal packaging choices. Step up your game with bags and coordinating tissue.

Carolina Retail Packaging

This company stocks a wide variety of quality gift boxes, gift wrap paper, ribbon, tissue paper, and the best selection of shopping bag colors. They also sell new & used store fixtures.

Firefly Store Solutions

They offer everything from display racks, wall display fixtures and clothing racks, to mannequins, store fixtures, retail packaging, gift boxes, and visual merchandising products.


Find everything from paper bags, gift wrapping supplies, ribbon, and bubble wrap to party supplies, burlap bags, and bubble mailers at amazing prices.

Bags & Bows

As a business-to-business wholesaler, they offer high-quality, on-trend, custom and personalized retail product packaging supplies such as gift bags, boxes, ribbon and bows, and gift wrap that gets your business noticed.

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