Quality graphics are the key to creating engagement and brand consistency on ALL social media platforms.

As beginners, we sometimes wonder – HOW IN THE HECK DID THEY DO THAT?

Here at CreativIQ, we’ve identified several easy-to-use apps that don’t require an advanced technical degree to use. They can be utilized on either an IPhone or Android, and you can create stunning graphics in minutes.

For this video tutorial, you will need to have the following apps available and downloaded to your mobile device:
Color Pop Effects
Font Candy Style or any other app that allows you to place font on photos

You’ll also need a stock photo or personal photo that has vibrant color that will be easy to pull out from the background. You can find FREE stock photos at:

And lastly, you will need a quote or inspirational message that matches your photo so we can create a stunning, color-popping quote that you will be able to utilize on all of your social media platforms!

To get started, watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial!

Click on the video to start the tutorial.

For the full screen option, click on the four arrows at the bottom right of the video screen.

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As creative business owners, we often become overwhelmed with all of the tasks we’re assigned to take care of.  Learning how to create stunning graphics is an important aspect of our business growth, and yet it’s also the most daunting and frustrating!!

This boot camp was created to help you with the basics of designing scroll-stopping social media graphics for all platforms including Facebook, Instagram and more. Even if you weren’t born with a technology button or struggle with the basics, we will work together to show easy ways to create amazing graphics quickly and effectively.

This step-by-step process is crafted for the beginner and will give you all of the tools and information you need to create graphics that stand out on the major social media platforms, understand the jargon behind graphic size and formats, apply font and color theory appropriately, and create a strong brand presence that sells more product.